44″ x 40″ DIRT Bag kit


The DIRT (Deployable Isolation Repair Technology) Bag system keeps environmental contaminants out of your repair area just as well as it can keep coating removal particulate out of the atmosphere.

It sets up in minutes and can be customized for each repair or coating removal situation. It also interfaces easily with Environmental Control Units and vacuum systems and can also be used as a curing tent. Custom sizes are also available.

DIRT Bag has been used by many commercial and military MRO operations.  It is currently listed on the Boeing 787 Standard Repair Manual as a preferred solution for repair isolation.

  • 1 – DIRT Bag Isolation Cover, 44”w x 40”l x 48”h
  • 1 – Metal frame set
  • 2 – Hand ports
  • 1 – Dual slotted hose port
  • 1 – Particle filter

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Shipping Currently Only Available for US Customers

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