NONA Resins: Speed Up Resin Transfer & Cure Times
Reduce Capital Costs & Open Design Possibilities

This advantage helps our customers improve productivity and avoid capital costs so you can win in both up and down market cycles.

Ideal for the Following Applications:

  • Industrial Parts
  • High Performance Transportation
  • Marine
  • Medium Temperature Aerospace Applications

Ideal for the Following Applications:

  • High Temperature Aerospace Parts & Tooling
  • Oil & Gas Structures
  • Medical Devices

Use of NONA Composites Resin Offers

  • Aerospace-Quality Parts In Only Hours
  • Fast Curing With No External Heat Source Or Accelerated Curing With Added Heat
  • Resins With Transition Temperatures Up To 400°F
  • No Post-Cure
  • Thick Or Thin Part Fabrication
  • No Need For Extensive Post-Process Machining
  • No Added Capital Upgrades

Eliminates Manufacturing Bottlenecks

The NONA Composites process increases product output. Conventional composite part fabrication is a serial process. Production rate is governed by limited capital equipment. With the NONA Composites process, manufacturers reduce or eliminate the need for ovens or autoclaves. This frees capital and opens floor space. Production is increased. Energy, man hours, and equipment are reduced. Within the plant or on-site…NONA allows the addition of parallel lines. Larger parts can now be produced.

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Faster Turnaround

NONA Composites can be used in large production runs or prototyping concepts. NONA Composites is also a cost-effective solution for development-stage design. It reduces or eliminates the need for autoclave or oven usage, so small runs, design changes, and fast turnaround are now possible.